Prop 475

Your Yes vote on Prop 475:
  • Maintain lower class sizes
  • Keep art, music, and PE programs in elementary schools
  • Expand higher level classes at middle and high school
  • Increase interventions for struggling learners
  • Attract and retain quality teachers
  • Without increasing your Property Tax rate

Prop 476

Your Yes vote on Prop 476:
  • Improve K-3 education in the District
  • Fund free full-day kindergarten district-wide
  • Reduce class sizes in K-3 classes
  • Improve intervention and learning programs
  • For just $43 a year for the average homeowner



Talking to Pupils



funding Confusion

Proposition 123 logo

What About Prop 123?

Since 2008, Arizona’s public schools have endured $4.56 billion in funding cuts. Amphitheater lost $119 million in school funding. The state’s annual K-12 budget cuts are far greater than the approximate $172 million additional distribution provided by Prop 123.

Red for Ed Logo

Didn’t Red for Ed fix this?

While teachers have received raises under 20 by 20, teacher pay in Arizona remains near the bottom nationally. Support staff, who have a direct impact on students’ lives and achievement, are not included in the 20 by 20 program. This funding was not for reducing class sizes or providing additional educational opportunities.



Wasting school dollars

Isn’t the money wasted on overhead?

Amphitheater Public Schools spends less than 1% of its per-pupil spending on District Administration, and in fact spends less on administration overall than peer districts. Some charter schools spend as much as 90% on administration.

Community Support

Paul Volpe

“The reputation of the Amphitheater District plays a big role in keeping property values of homes within the District among the highest in the greater Tucson community. Ensuring the District can compete with others to provide programs on the cutting edge of educational experiences for students is absolutely essential to maintaining and growing real estate values.”

Gene Nguyen
Dave Perry

“The Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce supports public education and encourages your favorable vote on Propositions 475 and 476. Strong students become excellent employees, entrepreneurs, business and community leaders. This investment – less than $43 per year for the average homeowner – shall yield dividends for our children and our entire community.

Jordan Murphy
Fred Knapp

“The employers I hire want to know that their children can grow up in a place where their education is a priority. I know the Amphitheater District well. Like most, it operates within a very lean budget, and it keeps its administrative costs remarkable low. Please vote yes on both overrides and put much needed funds into the classrooms.”

Allison Morgan
Donna Coate

“At 74 years old, I have to watch my personal budget closely like most retirees, but I am most definitely supporting both of Amphi’s overrides. As a citizen of this country, I would feel shame if I could not see past my own interests to those of other grandparents, parents, and children. My children were educated 1600 miles from here, but there are children here that deserve a quality education as much as my own children.”