“We are members of the greater Tucson faith-based community who share a common commitment to the children of our entire community and their need for the best possible education. For a number of years, our community has been able to directly support the education of Amphitheater student’s through the existing budget override.The children of our community haven’t stopped needing us – certainly not after more than a decade of state funding cuts.

And now, we believe it is also time to expand our support. We have the opportunity to dramatically affect the learning conditions and results for our youngest students in our community, providing them with a strengthened foundation for later years.”


Pima COunty Interfaith

“Schools are an essential part of any community, whether we have children in those schools or not. We all should have a vested interest in out schools providing high quality programs and services because children inevitable grow up and become productive members of the community as well. We must do everything we can to support our local schools in preparing those students fo the future. Studies have also shown that strong schools support strong property values and expand economic opportunity for us all. Support both of the Amphitheater Budget Overrides.”

Satish I. Hiremath, D.D.S.

“As an educator and leader in the Amphitheater District, I understand how state budget cuts have impacted the education opportunities for my students. Fortunately, Amphitheater’s existing budget override of 10% has allowed our district to compensate for state cuts. Continuation of this override will keep essential programs and services in place without a tax increase.

Research shows early childhood educational programs are essential for a strong educational foundation for young children. Amphi students come from diverse backgrounds and giving every child opportunities to thrive is what we do best. 

Vote Yes on Props 475 and 476. The best educators, the best programs, and the best schools are essential for the future of our community.”

Lisa millerd AEA President